This Thursday?

Hi All, I’ll be in New York and stopping in at the gallery on Thursday afternoon. Will anyone perhaps be around then? I am looking forward to seeing the show (and selecting my gift of course) and thought I’d see if I could also meet one or two of you if anyone will happen to be in the area around lunchtime.

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  1. Rob Strati says:


    Just wanted to thank you for selecting “Fold”. I wish I could have stopped by the gallery to meet you. Your work is great and so glad to be in the exhibition with you. Hope you have/are enjoying the city. If you are still around this weekend and up for an out of town adventure my wife and I have started an experimental exhibition space about 45 min north of the city and you might enjoy the exhibit:

    It is probably too short of notice, but wanted to extend the offer. Again, thank you.

    all the best,

    • Ann says:

      Hi Rob! Glad to have “Fold” as part of my collection! I was in town only briefly so missed the Exhibit 23 show, but the website looks terrific. Hope to meet you at some point. Ann

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