Squeezing in thoughts before the end of Gifting Abstraction

I’ve had some responses to the show brewing in my head but simply haven’t had the time to get them down. Here at the end of the month, it seems I’ll have to leave them in abstract form (pun intended!) rather than flesh them out. They also probably fall more on the side of criticisms of the show, which I was hesitant to air but Mariangeles invited us to discuss our thoughts and doubts on the show. The truth is that these are interesting thoughts and doubts I would not have had were I not invited into this experiment. For the invitation and opportunity to participate I’m honored.

I’ll try to summarize the two main thoughts in posts to follow so that people may comment on them separately.

Update: Like I said, I’m rushing these thoughts in. “Criticisms” is the wrong word. What I mean is that the show is an experiment. The results of the experiment brought questions that I didn’t know if it was okay to ask. I hope that makes more sense. I’m happy with the show.

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