Installation at Soho20 Gallery

Installation at Soho20 Chelsea Gallery
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5 Responses to Installation at Soho20 Gallery

  1. tmartin says:

    Looks great, I’m looking forward to seeing it Thursday.

  2. Karen Schiff says:

    Hooray for the show! It looks great on the wall…and I’m looking forward to seeing other artists at the SOHO20 gallery’s opening reception (this Thursday, 10/6, 6-8 pm).

  3. Brent Hallard says:

    This looks great Mari├íngeles, and all. It’s a very neat installation. I would love to know whose name is behind each piece. Also, how do we out-of-towners start thinking about this? I’m not too clear on what happens next… can I choose a something that I may like to “swap”? Does anyone approach me if they are interested? Do we swap, you take mine I take yours… ?
    I don’t mind asking these questions as I consider asking to be part of the gift of not knowing, if you know what I mean…
    Thanks all!

  4. I really like this installation and the instructions you sent us in regards to moving the installation around. I think I will post those instructions so others can see.

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