Image of my (Melanie Crader) piece

Hi everyone,

Here are some images of my piece. My work is next to the wall text.


The Bow in Powder Blue from the series The Basics. Latex paint & fabric on wood panel. 36” x 16

The show looks great. Many thanks to Mariangeles and all that helped with the installation. I hope the opening and the gathering afterwards was fun.

Cheers! Melanie






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3 Responses to Image of my (Melanie Crader) piece

  1. This is a beautiful piece/package! Love the string bow, and the whole piece glows in the space.

  2. mcrader says:

    Thanks, Karen. I appreciate the feedback and the compliment!

    • Abstraction at Work says:

      Thank you for posting the photos, Jessica. I second Karen: yours is a fresh gift, and the detail of the string bow comes as a sweet surprise. It makes me think of the paradox of the gift that cannot be opened, or that of merging a gift package with the gift itself! We all agreed during installation that it should “open” the left wall to be followed by other gifts.

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