Abstract Gifting from Berlin

I’m sorry I am not able to come to the exhibition; I’m in Berlin right through the end of the year. However, I would like to offer all of the participants in the show the opportunity to receive a postcard piece from me. If you would like one send me your snail mail address to me at hsiao.gilbert@gmail.com and I’ll get it in the mail.


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4 Responses to Abstract Gifting from Berlin

  1. rob says:

    Great – will send over mailing address. Many Thanks!!


  2. Abstraction at Work says:

    Fabulous! Thank you for taking gifting even further, Gilbert – for multiplying its geometry. I love your idea and look forward to the pleasure and inspiration it will bring. I’ll be sending you my address via email.

  3. Gilbert, that’s such a generous offer! Thanks for thinking of us over here, and making it all so inclusive!

  4. Jessica Snow says:

    Thank you so much, Gilbert. I’d be honored to have a postcard, Brent and I feel very lucky to have your painting!

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