Respond, sense, air

Gifting abstraction did a few things for me:

It kept my interest up to see how people would respond. Obviously more people responded to the real than on the blog, but still, you could get a sense of it.

The layout and movement of this show gave me ideas for another show. It was beautifully conceived. Despite not really getting it from the onset I ended up getting it, I think, through the actions, the posts, and the participation.

Ownership, or ‘new ownership’ was discussed. I sensed, with some of the blog posts, a slight resistance to giving up one’s own work.

Concepts of ‘gift‘ were aired. I didn’t think the gift was in the thing, though I personally had hoped that the participating artist who got my ‘art’ wanted it and saw it as something ‘free of dept’, ‘full of beauty’, and ‘giving’.

There were a number of pieces I wanted. But you can’t have everything.

Thanks so much, Mariángeles. Thank you all!

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