Abstraction at Work is dedicated to rethinking abstraction’s functions through a series of projects.

Abstraction’s etymology from late Latin, abstrahere, is to separate, to draw away. In its uncompounded root form, trahere has a wider set of meanings, including to take on, assume, acquire. It means to draw together, bring together, draw along, to attract, to allure. To manufacture. To ponder, consider. It also refers to time, as in: to protract, to draw out, drag out, linger through, extend, prolong, lengthen, delay. Abstraction at Work is a space in which to bring these other dimensions of abstraction into play – and into work.

Abstraction at Work was founded by artist Mariángeles Soto-Díaz as a way to explore the collective potential of abstraction by creating dialogues that bridge the divide between abstraction’s labor – the concrete level of its manufacture – and the shared intellectual work that is vital to its role in contemporary art.

Mariángeles Soto-Díaz